Dried Catnip

  • High quality, dried catnip, sustainably grown and harvested on Five Petal Farm without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals and packaged in a brown Kraft paper tin-tie bag. 
  • Genus species: Nepeta cataria
  • Weight: 3 ounces/bag
  • Crop date: 2015
  • Packaging: Recyclable brown paper Kraft paper tin-tie bag measures 3 3/8 x 2 1/2 x 7 3/4 inches.
  • Storage: Will keep for up to 2 years if stored properly in airtight container.
  • Suggestions for Use: Sprinkle a small amount in a bowl or place in catnip toys for your cat to enjoy!
  • Please note: Due to different computer monitors/calibrations, actual colors may vary slightly from the images on this site.

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