Bulk Greenery Bucket

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Farmer's Choice Greenery Buckets are $60.00 for Pick-up and $65.00 for Local Delivery. 

  • REQUIRED: 7 days notice. Choose Pick-up or Delivery. Please include a pick-up or delivery day and time in the note section during checkout. For delivery, also include name, address and phone number of recipient. 
  • FOR WEDDING ORDERS: All wedding orders must be booked in advance and require a deposit. I recommend ordering at least 3 to 4 months in advance of your wedding. Please note that floral design assistance and planning is not included with bulk bucket orders. Bulk bucket wedding orders require a 20% deposit to save your wedding date.  Please call 319-594-1874 or send an email to info@fivepetalfarm.com for booking information. Custom Flower and Greenery Buckets (SOLD OUT FOR 2019) are also available and are for wedding couples wanting flowers in specific colors, varieties and amounts. This requires a design consultation, quote and additional design/planning fee. Custom orders require a 50% deposit to save your wedding date.
  • Available during the growing season, end of May through October. 
  • This bucket is perfect for anyone searching for affordable, locally grown bulk greenery/foliage. Upon purchase, you will receive a white 2-gallon bucket filled with seasonal, freshly harvested, loose stems of several varieties of aromatic herbs, ornamental grasses and greenery, handpicked by me. 
  • Each bucket contains 80 to 100 stems depending on size and what's in season. (Some grasses and greenery, such as amaranth and eucalyptus are large, having several branches and count as more than 1 stem. Less are needed to fill out an arrangement.)
  • Please note, these greenery buckets are not pre-arranged. They are great for adding additional foliage to DIY wedding, party or event flower arrangements.
  • You can find what's available each season in my Spring, Summer and Autumn image galleries and lists, but please note these offerings are always subject to change as I am at the mercy and kindness of Mother Nature!
  • Price includes bucket. Sales tax is additional. 
  • Delivery is for local residents of North Liberty, Iowa City, Coralville, Solon, Tiffin and the surrounding areas. Delivery to areas further away is additional. Please contact me for pricing information.