The Meaning of Flowers

The Meaning of Flowers Five Petal Farm

Aster for love, daintiness, patience
Baby's Breath for innocence, pure of heart
Bachelor Button for single blessedness, hope in love, delicacy
Daffodil (Narcissus) for regard, unrequited love, chivalry
Daisy for innocence, loyal love, purity
Delphinium is heavenly
Larkspur for levity
Lilac for youthful innocence
Lily of the Valley for sweetness, return to happiness, humility
Lily for happiness
Peony for a happy life, happy marriage
Queen Anne's Lace for sanctuary
Rose (Pink) for thankfulness, perfect happiness
Scabiosa for admiration
Sunflower for pure thoughts, pure love, longevity, pride, sunshine
Sweet Pea for blissful pleasure
Violet (Blue) for watchfulness, faithfulness
Waxflower for happiness in marriage