Flower CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

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Community Supported Agriculture or CSA is a way for consumers to buy fresh, local, seasonal flowers and herbs directly from me, the farmer. In the winter/early spring I offer a certain number of CSA flower shares to members of my local community. By buying a flower share, you save $20.00 per share as these bouquets are normally priced at $30.00 individually. Your subscription and payment helps me to buy seeds, bulbs, plants and other supplies for my farm for rest of the year. Why choose local? Click here to learn how you can help your community.

"What is a CSA and why would I want to buy one from Five Petal Farm? That is what you may find yourself asking... so let me help you out with that! The first time I met with Jennifer of FPF, the connection with her was instant. She has such an uplifting personality that one cannot help but to feel happy in her presence. Then, we started talking about botany and her knowledge and passion not only shines through, but is contagious. I found myself wanting to learn more! Well, I absolutely love supporting women and small businesses, so I asked how I could buy from her and she told me about the CSA. Every other week she brings in a gorgeous array of flowers, plants, and herbs to my office and tells me what is in the arrangements. These flowers, while expected, always bring a smile to the faces of my team and customers alike, and the fragrance, so fresh and lovely! It is such a joy to receive a beautiful bouquet that differs from anything you would likely find in a local shop, and at an unbelievably affordable rate." Neva

A share from Five Petal Farm consists of freshly harvested flower/herb bouquets delivered on determined days, times and locations. (Serving North Liberty, Iowa City, Coralville, Solon, Tiffin and the surrounding areas.) You can buy shares here.

My CSA season runs from June through September. You will receive an email prior to the start of the share with delivery details and any additional information. Please contact me at info@fivepetalfarm.com if you have any questions or would like to request a custom share.